EAA Scholarship

June 10, 2024

EAA Scholarship

EAA Scholarship is an initiative aiming to support financially low-income talented ENSPY’s students in their project to study abroadFor many years, the lack of funding has deterred talented students to apply to some high ranked schools overseas despite their outstanding academic resultsAt ENSPY AA, we believe that education is not a luxury but a right. That any well-trained and skilled student, no matter their background and the time it will take, can have a positive impact not only in ENSPY community but also across Cameroonian community.

The amount of the scholarship is at least 500.000 XAF and is fully funded by our alumni through a fundraising campaign.  

Selection process and criteria:

The application will open on May 16th and will be closed on June 9th. The selected candidates will be invited to an interview on June 24th and the final outcome will be published on July 8th. 

We are seeking for talented individuals with proven leadership abilities and a deep sense of community. Therefore, following criteria will be analyzed to select our future EAA Scholar. 

  • Academic achievement and extracurricular activities
  • The school you have been admit to
  • Your ability to contribute to future activities of ENSPY Alumni abroad and give back to the next generation
  • Your family current financial situation