Enspy AA is a network of all ENSPY’s Alumni living outside of Cameroon and we are on the mission to bridge the gap between different batches on one hand, and also between the alumni and our alma matter on the other hand. We are building a community where any alumnus can both benefit from and share with his/her peers their different experiences on how to navigate professional life, as well as tips and tricks to succeed in any other walk of life. On top of that, we aim to be a pool of talents where ENSPY’s academics can select potential teachers for specific matters as the background and professional experience of our members arms them with the world latest knowledges and best practices.

To fulfill our mission, we organize diverse webinars on the most asked topics, annual in-person meeting, and many more other activities. ENSPY Alumni Abroad is non-for- profit and was initiated with the only goal to give back to our community. Therefore, we will not be involved in any politically related activity.

Programs & Services

Programs & Services

  • Cultural meetings (parc visit, museum visit)
  • Sport meetings (football match).
  • Scholarship project for students of ENSPY
  • Networking meetings: MEETUP
  • Webinars: discussion sessions
  • Welcoming and supporting new alumni abroad.
  • Reflection workshops.
  • Case study with students of ENSPY

Our History

Despite the diversity of point of view, there was a deep need for something greater than ourselves. From that need has emerged the idea that brought the network to life.

  • First brainstorming meeting to discuss
    July 2019

  • First ever meetup with all the batches
    November 2019

  • Launch of webinar serie
    May 2020

  • Publication of 2020’s annual report
    March 2021

  • Scholarship project
    December 2022

We are not just Friends, We are Family

We are not just Friends, We are Family